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"For us, the big differentiator is we are a workout agnostic platform." Beyond just the everyday citizens who are buying the product, Putnam says MIRROR is catching on among professional athletes as well. "They are using the mirror differently than we anticipated. Many of them are using it for off-season training, and they are exploring different types of fitness they may not otherwise do in a public setting. So you have baseball players taking a yoga class for the first time, or basketball players trying out boxing." MIRROR has raised $38 million in venture funding from top firms like Spark Capital and Lerer Hippeau, becoming the latest option in the $83 billion per year global fitness industry. "We are the canvas you can explore any type of workout experience and eventually, potentially other experiences outside of fitness," Putnam told CNBC. "I think for investors, they have been really excited about the possibilities for growth." Mirror provides highly varied workouts in cardio, yoga and strength training One athlete who is taking advantage of MIRROR is Katarina Jamskikova, an elite marathon runner who is balancing motherhood while pregnant with her second child. She Isometric Exercises href=''>Static Contraction Equipment needs the flexibility to augment her training at home while she prepares for the next Olympic trials. "It's refreshing to run outside, but you still need to maintain your core and strength, and that you can do in the convenience of your home, and you don't need a gym membership," she told CNBC recently. Putnam, the company's founder, sees pro athletes as just one dimension of the product.

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