The Challenges For No-hassle Solutions In Powerlifting

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What is applicable in Mumbai in terms of women empowerment won’t be applicable in, let’s say, Kanpur. In one of the episodes of Big F, a girl who wants to be a sportsperson, but is not allowed, sneaks into the boy’s hostel at night and practices. While that was shown in the show, I would not advise it to women. It is true that one has to be liberated, but one has to be aware and cautious as well.” Randeep also believes that gone are the times when bodybuilding and fitness goals were mainly taken up by men. “There is no such rule anymore. Women are equally interested in staying fit now. I think that Salman has contributed a lot to the popular culture of men being fit. It is not just about sports or bodybuilding. It is about body imaging and self-confidence. When you go out in a T-shirt and your biceps pop out, it is always good.

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